Our QMS places great emphasis on the following: • Customer Focus – understanding what our clients want, engaging with them, verifying and delivering what they want. • Management Focus and Leadership – unity of direction, purpose and focus. Creating an environment to achieve. • Worker engagement – a system for all people at all levels in the organization. • Systematic Approach – realize and manage all the interrelated processes that go into our firm. • Continual Improvement – we strive to do things better. • Measurement & Analysis – factual approach to decision making.

Description of Client Handling Methodology

Understanding client’s needs

We take care to understand the client’s requirements. Therefore, we hold regular consultations with the client on telephone and through meetings. We endeavor to understand our client’s mandates and business and therefore quickly become well conversant in the particular line of work of our clients. This is assisted by the fact that we have a stable relationship with our clients.


We are very flexible and can respond to the client’s request for a meeting on short notice. Where a matter is urgent, in order to meet the client’s demands/needs we usually work outside normal hours and on weekends and holidays to meet deadlines.


We regularly provide client briefing by telephone, e-mail and regular written reports as required by the client. We do commissioning of documents and drafting of affidavits at no cost for all our clients. Where an issue arises in regard to the quality of service offered the Advocate in charge is on standby to address it to the satisfaction of the client.

Client up-dates and meetings

Each time there is a development we update the client by phone and on email followed by a letter. This includes whenever there is a court appearance. Periodically as agreed with the client, we give weekly, monthly or quarterly updates.

Customer Satisfaction

Most of our clients are long term and have been with us for years. There is a high level of client satisfaction with our work.

Complaint handling

Our client handling mechanism is in real time and feedback for any complaint is handled conclusively within hours but not later than 24hrs from the time the complaint is lodged.


Integrity, accountability and transparency are our main core values. Therefore, we account for client monies through internal accounts system backed up by an independent accountant who cross-checks the accounts of our internal accounts and provides back up support. We have an external Auditor who annually audits our books. Therefore our firm has never faced a complaint to the Advocates Complaints Commission or the Disciplinary Committee of the Law Society for financial impropriety.

Avoiding Conflict of Interest

We have a deliberate strategy of not acting for parties who are in one way or another engaged in business. This has helped us minimize the risk of acting for opposing parties at different times. And whenever there is a perceived conflict of interest, we usually inform the client in order for the client to make an informed decision regarding the matter.